The Only Extendable

FiRMHORN Ground Screw System allows you to extend and adjust to make sure you will always be able to finish your project the way you were planning to.


FiRM foundation

FiRMHORN Ground Screw System made the way you can use it the second you screw it in. Immediate and long lasting functionality with the capability of removing or adjusting after time.


Without Digging

FiRMHORN Ground Screw System saves you from aggravation, variety of material, variety of needed tool, mess on your property compare to building foundation the regular way.

Firm Extendable Ground Screw Foundation

Easy like A B C... Just like to hang a painting on your wall. Screw, Hang, Done! FiRMHORN provides foundation solutions in all construction areas, ranging from residential projects to large scale commercial. Essential solution especially for decking and fencing projects. FiRMHORN Ground Foundation eliminates the need for digging and concrete and allow foundation constriction to be completed within minutes, providing instant load bearing capabilities. Easy like A B C... Screw, Attach, Done.


Attachment is the end piece of FiRMHORN ground screw foundation system. Attachments can be fitted directly on extendable screw or also on extension. Variety of attachments can be used to attach a variety of construction materials it's sizes and shapes. Attachments are made to connect directly to construction material or with another attachment. ( U/L Flex needs to be attached to  Hex Top to be able to be used)

Screw Tips

Screw tips are the base component of FiRMHORN ground screw foundation system. a) Fixed screws are made especially for fencing foundation. 6' Fence screw will hold 6' high privacy fence if you use 8' fencing pipe. 4' Fence screw will hold pool fence or any other up to the height of 4' if you use 5.5' fencing pipe. b) Extendable screws are made to fit extensions or attachments or combination of bot. 


Extension is component making FiRMHORN ground screw foundation system able to fit any encountered soil and terrain condition. Extension can be used to reach needed effect whether it's to send screw tip deeper for more stability or elevating of uneven terrain condition. Multiple extensions can be applied on one screw. Any kind of FiRMHORN attachments can be fitted on extension.

Firmhorn use examples